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The GTC sponsorship

We will invite 1,2 mil sport car owners & fans to the GTC race weekends.

We have built up a Facebook database of approx 1,2 million owners and fans of sports cars and super cars. We will invite all these people through paid personal invitations to our race days.

As a company owner you will get your logo on the webpage when you book your ticket as one of our drivers. You can buy driver tickets and give them as a present to your clients, staff or use your self. In either way we will put your logo as sponsor on our webpage to promote your business.

Online sponsor banners & links

We will put all sponsors with banner & links on our web page front page, on every event page, on our email newsletter and in individual boosted posts to our Facebook database.

Race day video

We create a professional video from the race day featuring our sponsors in several ways. This video will be given you as a promotional material that you can distribute to your databases.

We will distibute every race day video to our Facebook database and on our webpage.

Our webpage

We will put your logo on the webpage sponsor space with a link to your webpage. 

Race days sponsor tent

On each race day we mount a 24 sqm sponsor tent where you can have a rollup, broschures & give-aways. We have a representative in the tent welcoming people and inviting for drinks % snacks. We produce 10 sponsor banners that we put at the start / finish line, featured in all media photos we will produce and the race day video. If you like to, put one of your representatives in the tent

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Buy Tickets

Contact us if you like to join any of our race days as driver or spectator. Welcome!

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